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Whether it is a natural or medicalized process, trying to have a baby is physically and emotionally very demanding ,

and this may result in a certain lack of balance in our relationship with our own body.

Reconnect with your body can be a key element to live the process in a more positive and serene way:

Not considering it only as the source of the problem…

Taking care of it beyond medical treatments…

Providing it with positive and pleasure sensations…

Reconnecting and relaxing both body and mind…

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There is no universal solution and there are many ways to help you reconnect with your body: adopt a healthy and balanced diet, treat yourself with a good massage, take care of your sleep, learn how to relax, do physical exercise…

Physical exercise helps better blood circulation, facilitates the elimination of toxins and helps our brain generate endorphins… Obviously, the kind of exercise will depend exclusively on you. The objective is not to run a marathon, but to simply reconnect with your body.

Some physical activities are excellent to relax and reconnect both body and mind: it’s the case of yoga.

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What is therapeutic yoga?

Therapeutic Yoga is a holistic discipline that focuses its attention on health and integral harmony, based on the symptoms or imbalances that the person may experience.

It uses the yoga tools (movement, breathing, meditation) with a specific objective, focusing on areas where there is not enough awareness, movement or attention.

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What are the benefits of therapeutic yoga focusing on fertility?

“Fertility Yoga” is addressed to anyone who wants to become a parent, whether or not the person is undergoing fertility treatments. The purpose is to stimulate fertility, optimize medical treatment when it is the case and help relax body and mind to live the process in a more positive and serene way.

It focuses on the following benefits:

– release the pelvic-uterine zone, bringing more flexibility, movement and energy

– stimulate blood circulation to prepare the endometrium

– experience the fluidity of the body and its capacity to relax

– reconnect with a space of internal calm, trust and self-esteem

– release the tension and anxiety ever so present in any fertility process, through moments of silence and relaxation

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For those who live or are currently in Barcelona:

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In October She Oak organizes a series of classes of Fertility Yoga (logistic details in the attached image).

Come and try it! If we have enough demand we’ll open a regular class.

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Fertility yoga

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