Sharing relieves the pain!

Knowing that you’re not alone and can talk to someone going through the same situation – and who understands you – is a priceless, often untapped resource.

There are many web forums where you can share your experience and learn from others, but the number of messages and the variety of topics can often be overwhelming – leading to increased anxiety.

At She Oak we focus on providing quality and personalised support, through our “She Oak Friends” program.

The “She Oak Friends” program is free for our members and offers 3 possibilities:

1/ Individual contact with other patients

We filter and select people who are undergoing (or have undergone) similar treatment to you. You can therefore share your experience and find a source of direct support that’s much more comprehensive and effective than an online chat. This service is totally free.


2/ Participate in our “She Oak Friends” meetings in Barcelona (in Spanish):

It’s casual and totally free! During these meetings we exchange experiences, advice and information about fertility, natural therapies, assisted reproduction, etc.

Who can participate? People who are facing difficulties to have children, people in fertility treatment but also couples or women who became parents thanks to assisted reproduction or natural therapies.

Contact us for more information!


3/ Online support groups

These are opportunities to learn to deal with your emotions with people in the same situation as you – in a group where you can express yourself freely, hear about similar experiences and benefit from the advice of a psychologist.

For the moment, the support groups are in French and Spanish – we’ll open a group in English if we have emough participants.