She Oak provides support to all those who want to start a family.

Whatever your personal and medical situation, or which step of the process you’re in, trying to have a child is a very emotional experience in which both body and mind can be strongly affected.

At She Oak, we are here to help you with whatever you need!

Couple avec problèmes de fertilité

You’re a couple wishing to start a family

You are undergoing fertility treatments, or you want to boost your fertility naturally…

Discover how we can help you!

couple de femmes

You’re a lesbian couple wanting to have a baby

You need to undergo assisted reproduction treatments in order to make our dream come true…

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Mère célibataire en traitement de fertilité

You’re single and you want to become a mum

You want to preserve your fertility, or you’re about to start a fertility treatment with donor…

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Someone you know is having difficulty to have children?

You would like to help but you don’t know how.

It is not easy to help a friend or relative in this situation: you don’t know what to say (or what to do) to make this person feel better. Sometimes you don’t even know whether to talk about it or not.

At She Oak we can help you help him/her.

Contact us and we’ll explain you how!