Lower stress levels are key to experiencing the process in a more positive and relaxed way.

Relaxation also helps detox the body.

Practicing yoga, a good massage or a simple relaxation exercise can help you reach a state of serenity and psychological-physical balance, and help you prepare for the challenges of fertility treatments.


Fertility Yoga

Yoga helps relax both body and mind, and is considered one of the most effective remedies for fighting stress. Specific postures and breathing help stimulate and tone the reproductive system of both men and women, improving the flow of energy as well as blood and lymphatic circulation to balance hormone levels.

We organize group classes in Barcelona, and individual sessions (in person or by Skype).



A good massage will enhance your peace and serenity, relaxing both body and mind. Our therapists offer personalized massages and help you achieve that longed-for sensation of well-being.


Relaxation exercises

Our therapists can recommend personalized exercises for mindfulness, breathing and self-massage. These are simple but effective solutions to relax, switch off from your worries and achieve inner balance.