Discover the testimonials of patients who had fertility problems and found relief and help through natural therapies or  psychological and emotional support.

Natalia (Barcelona, Fertility Yoga)
I feel very grateful for being part of the Fertility Yoga group of She Oak, which every week invites us to share a space of peace, respect and positive energy. A space where we can be ourselves, learn to know better our interior and enjoy the path of life, whatever the final destination. The Yoga group and teachers are much more than the sum of each of us.
Thank you very much She Oak for all the energy, time and love you have invested to make it possible.

Solenn (Paris, currently in IVF process in Barcelona)

My husband and I have been wanting to have a baby for almost 9 years. After 3 inseminations and 4 IVF in 3 years in Paris, the laboratory manager of our clinic recommended us to go to Spain, where where a genetic diagnosis of embryos can be made. My naturalist, specialised in maternity, put me into contact with the She Oak association.
From the very first moment, She Oak helped us a lot. First because they were able to inform us about the differences of protocol with France, and reassure us about the reputation of the clinic that had been indicated to us.
Then, because we were in another country, in an unknown city, with another language, outside our comfort zone.
How comfortable it was to have She Oak help us in the accommodation, get in touch with specialized therapists (acupuncturist, massage) and let us know about hotels and relaxing places – to make our stay more festive (and not only limited to medical issues).
And what a joy to know that every time we land at Barcelona airport, we have someone there to guide us, help us and welcome us.
It is really an extraordinary support when you arrive at that point, exhausted by a long and difficult process in France, and you need more energy, confidence and serenity for the last straight line.
My advice to someone who starts an assisted reproduction process:
1 / don’t calculate, don’t think of “when am I finally pregnant” – but rather be in “how can I live this adventure in the best possible way”
2 / indulge in well-being and reconnect with the body: it’s true that massages and acupuncture sessions are additional expenses, but they are really worth it. Our body is subject to a lot of stress, fatigue and high-dose chemicals: it definitely deserves help to relax and detox during this marathon.
3 / my last advice would be to talk about the process and its difficulties (psychological support): the subject is still taboo, and you cannot keep all this pain for yourself, you have to open up.

Marie (Barcelona, mother of 2 kids born through IVF – ICSI process)

I remember the moment I found out we couldn’t naturally conceive a baby. I couldn’t believe it. I was desperate and, above all, angry. Why is this happening to me? I’ve always dreamt of becoming a mum!

I wanted to start the fertility treatment straight away, but the negative emotions were so overwhelming that every step of the process felt terrible. We were very reluctant to talk about it to our family and friends and shut ourselves in our situation, alone with the treatment, our fear and anxiety. I had regular anxiety attacks and felt jealous of all my friends announcing their pregnancy (even the closest ones). At the same time, those feelings made me feel terribly guilty.

The first IVF process failed and I was devastated. But then I decided to ask for professional help to prepare me for the second round of IVF. I did relaxation exercises, Shiatsu sessions and learnt how to relax through breathing. Both of us had regular acupuncture sessions. Although the fear and anxiety were still present, I managed to deal with them much better, to physically relax before every injection, and to prepare my body and my mind for the whole process.

A year later our first daughter was born, followed 2 years later by her sister (also through IVF).

Delphine (Paris, single mom through IVF process)

I am 40. I am now 3 months pregnant with a little boy. It was my 3rd IVF.

The first 2 attempts didn’t lead to a pregnancy. And before those IVF treatments I did two cycles of ovocyte preservation, as I was told my stock was too low.

I started stimulation with acupuncture at the very beginning of the first cycle. The results were pretty much immediate.

I was convinced the only way to move forward was to tell myself it would work at the first attempt. I was terribly disappointed when it didn’t. One thing that really helped me was talking with friends who had been through the process and for whom it had worked. Pilates also helped.

But it was only on my third attempt that I really started looking for help. I was losing faith and felt as if I were running a marathon. I did everything: therapeutic yoga (that I still do now and did even on the mornings before the egg collection and the embryo transfer), osteopathy (both internal and external), naturopathy (taking supplements, eating special food, eliminating certain nutrients and products…), hypnosis (before and after the transfer), and during the month of the last IVF, five acupuncture sessions and a few sessions with my therapist. And I kept all that up until the pregnancy result.

I am still in contact with the “team” that helped me. I’m convinced that all these therapies helped me through the last IVF cycle and played a vital role in its success. Finding methods that calm you down are essential, and for me acupuncture was probably the most important.