If you’re coming to Barcelona for fertility treatments,

we help you and guide you in the organisation of your stay.


Whatever your personal and family situation…

Whatever your reason for coming to Barcelona (egg donation, IVF with genetic analysis of embryos, egg preservation, IVF or insemination with donor, etc. )…

In  your case, the difficulties of a “normal” fertility process sum up with the complications of a treatment abroad: the unknown, the logistics, managing your absences at work, the lack of knowledge about clinics, doctors and local therapists, the language barrier, the feeling of loneliness, etc.


At She Oak, one of our missions is to guide and accompany you before, during and after your stay in Barcelona:

– We advise you in the organization of  your stay (choice of clinic, accommodation),

– We welcome you in Barcelona and give you practical advice to make your stay more enjoyable,

– We organise appointments with local therapists specialised in fertility: acupuncture, osteopathy, therapeutic yoga, emotional support or simply a good massage to relax.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!