couple de femmes

You’re a lesbian couple and you want to have a baby

In your case, the only option is to go through assisted reproduction (insemination or IVF).

Although you don’t have a “fertility problem”, the medical process is the same, and emotions and doubts are equally present.

She Oak can help you maximize your chances of pregnancy.


How we can help you:

. Personalized guidance throughout the process

. Emotional support: deal with emotions, couple relationship, etc.

. Contact with persons in a similar situation for mutual support

. Help for relaxation (yoga, respiration)

. Natural therapies to optimize medical treatments

. Practical guide with advice of mothers by assisted reproduction

More information

In many countries, it is not allowed for lesbian couples to recur to assisted reproduction with a sperm donor. If it’s our case and you need to travel to Barcelona for fertility treatments:

We advise and guide you through the organization of your stay (logistics, doubts, welcoming, organisation of appointments with our therapists, etc.)