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An osteopath since 1999, Karl Doric gives his consultations in Barcelona. He is specialised in gynaecological osteopathy, and specifically in support for reproduction. He can therefore intervene during fertility treatments (IVF) to optimise the chances of success.

Graduated from the School of Osteopathy ATMAN, in France, he has a complete training and education with more than 5.000 hours of training in 5 years, which allows a guarantee of competence and security for his patients.

With 20 years of experience in Paris, he is now exclusively dedicated to his patients in Barcelona and Palamós, combining his consultations with teaching and training.

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1/ Osteopathy is more and more recognized internationally as a complement, or an alternative to traditional medicine. What does it consist of exactly? How does it work?

Osteopathy is a science, an art and a philosophy that has been practiced for more than a hundred years. It relies on the principle of unity of the body: the human being is a whole, forming a biological, emotional and spiritual unity.

The practice of osteopathy is a purely manual. It treats the origin of a pathology, rather than its symptoms. Osteopaths are professionals with a perfect knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

It is a highly effective alternative medicine.

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2/ People usually know osteopathy as an alternative medicine that treats back problems, chronic pain, etc. But gynaecological osteopathy is less known. Can you explain what are its benefits?

A woman’s pelvis is a complex, sacred and crucial zone. With osteopathy, we can treat various gynaecological problems and pathologies. For example:

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  • Painful period (dysmenorrhea)
  • Disorders of the menstrual cycle (irregularity, absence of period, haemorrhage)
  • Painful sexual relationships (dyspareunia)
  • Complications during and after labour
  • Urinary problems (chronic infections, leaks)

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With the use of soft and total painless techniques, osteopathy liberates the tensions that complicate the correct functioning of the body.

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Many women suffer in silence, when, in many cases, osteopathy can help them.

With the use of soft and totally painless techniques, osteopathy liberates the tensions that complicate the correct functioning of the body.

It’s a subject which I’m passionate about: I’m specialized in gynaecological and urinary disorders and collaborate with different gynaecologists.

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3/ Let’s talk about infertility: how can osteopathy help women who can’t get pregnant naturally? In which situations can we turn to osteopathy as a support to improve fertility: before, after or instead of medical treatments?

Osteopathy can be very helpful for all couples and women with difficulties to achieve pregnancy, including those who have already started or will start a process of assisted reproduction. The general objective is to make the body more fertile.

There can be many different causes to infertility, among others:

  • Central causes, mainly hormonal
  • Peripheral causes: pelvis, spinal column, uterus, Fallopian tubes, etc.

The treatments consist in giving back its mobility to some anatomical structures that can block fertility:

  • Treatment of the vascular system (ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes)
  • Treatment of the pelvis and spinal column
  • Treatment of the skull and cranio-sacral axis
  • Visceral treatment (uterus, uterine neck, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, viscera, etc.)

We need to recognize the complexity of life: the osteopath works with the patient’s body as a whole, and according to his/her personal story.

I’m specialised in gynaecological osteopathy, so I can intervene during assisted reproduction treatments (IVF) to optimize the possibilities of success.

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” In a woman’s pelvis, there is very often a congestion or adhesions that may interfere with the vascularisation: whether through the compression of arteries and veins, or through fibrosis or tissue adhesions that disturb the correct irrigation of the ovaries, Fallopian tubes or endometrium.

Osteopathic manipulations can improve the quality and thickness of the endometrium, as well as improve the correct functioning of the ovaries.”

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4/ How is a session with you? How many sessions should be considered? Is there a specific protocol? (for natural stimulation of fertility as well as in case of assisted reproduction)

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We recommend consulting an osteopath after one year of unsuccessful non-protected sexual relationships.

For women in assisted reproduction processes, our advice is to see an osteopath as soon as possible, ideally right after the first visit with the fertility specialist. The role of the osteopath will be to set in motion the physiology of the woman’s body through manipulation.

There is no specific protocol as each body, each patient is different.

The consult starts with a detailed interview, followed by different tests done through palpation. Once the diagnostic is established, we start the manual treatment.

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“Manipulations are always very soft and totally painless. A session lasts approximately one hour. Positive results are generally seen after 2 to 4 sessions.”

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5/ Fertility issues are not limited to women or couples who cannot achieve getting pregnant: many women do get pregnant, but suffer repetitive miscarriages. In this case, can osteopathy also help?

Of course. Lots of women get pregnant but unfortunately have natural miscarriages: there can be many different explanations, but in many cases, there is a bad vascularisation of the matrix, with low mobility. Therefore, the endometrium is not receptive for implantation and development of the foetus.

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6/ Can osteopathy also help stimulate masculine fertility?

In many cases, the origin of infertility is masculine. Apart from organs malformations, a lot of factors can generate infertility. The osteopath can work on the life hygiene of the patient, and on the vascularisation of the pelvis and spinal column, thus improving the spermatogenesis (production of spermatozoids).

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7/ You’re specialized in gynaecological osteopathy, why did you chose this specialty?

First, there is no real specialty in osteopathy as it is a holistic medicine that treats the person and the body, as a whole. There are only osteopaths who treat more determined areas of osteopathy than others.

In my case, I’ve always been very interested in visceral osteopathy. After my studies, I did my thesis on the relationship between intestine and lumbago.

I’ve seen many women suffering in their pelvic area: cystitis, menstrual pain, infertility. I’ve been working for more than 15 years in these subjects, trying to find solutions for these women.

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8/ Throughout your career, you’ve certainly seen many women and couples with fertility issues. From your experience, what advice could you give to those who want to stimulate their natural fertility, and for those who turn to assisted reproduction?

To stimulate natural fertility or to help the couples and women in assisted reproduction processes, I always recommend consulting an osteopath – after their first visit to their gynaecologist and ultrasound.

In my opinion, an osteopathic control should be systematic as it would save time and money, and avoid a lot of suffering for couples who want to have children.

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Natural therapies and fertility – Osteopathy

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