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These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) regulate access and use to the Website in order to provide them with information on SHE OAK and its services.

We therefore ask you to read carefully these Terms and Conditions every time you intend to use the Website, as these can be adapted and/or modified at any time. If you do not accept them, please refrain from using the Website and its content.



User undertakes to use the Website with due standard of care, as well as the information regarding the services contained therein, and to comply entirely with applicable legislation and these Terms and Conditions.

Moreover, user undertakes not to carry out any act that may damage and make the Website useless and/or overcharge the Website, or that may prevent, in any form, its usual use and operation.

User is informed that, in the event he/she may infringe these Terms and Conditions or, as the case may be, any other terms or conditions detailed on the Website, SHE OAK is entitled to limit, suspend and/or terminate his/her access to the Website, adopting any technical measure that may be necessary for such purposes.

SHE OAK makes its best efforts to keep the Website in good working order, prevent errors or remedy them, if they arise, amend them, and keep the contents of the Website up-to-date. However, SHE OAK does not warrant the availability or continued access to the Website, that there are no errors in its contents or that its contents are up-to-date.

SHE OAK reserves the right to change, delete or update the information included in the Website, as well as its layout or presentation, at any time, without giving prior notice.



Users’ access to the Website and use of any information it contains, are solely carried out at his/her own risk.

SHE OAK shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage that may arise, directly or indirectly, from access to or use of the information the Website contains and, especially, information on third parties other than SHE OAK, including, but not limited to, the ones produced in the computer systems or the one arisen by the introduction of a virus and/or hacking, and shall not be held liable for the damages suffered by the users due to a inappropriate use of the Website nor the falls, interruptions, absence or fault in the communications.

In addition, SHE OAK shall not be held liable for any damage or loss caused to Users’ software or hardware arising from access to the Website.

User shall be held liable of the damages and prejudices of any kind that SHE OAK may suffer as a consequence of the infringement of any obligations that are subject to these Terms and Conditions and/or the law in force in connection with the use of this Website.



  1. a) Links to the Website

Should third parties wish to include in a website (“Linking Site”) a link to the Website shall necessarily obtain prior, express and written consent from SHE OAK.

In any event, the authorization granted by SHE OAK does not mean that the latter endorses, promotes, guarantees, supervises and/or recommends the content and/or services of the Linking Site nor is liable for its content.

The Linking Site shall comply with the law in force and shall not, in any way, house content of its own or of third parties that: (i) are unlawful, harmful or contrary to morals and good manners (pornography, violence, racism, degradation, etc.); and/or (ii) result inappropriate or not pertinent in connection with the association SHE OAK.

In the event of infringement of any of the above-referred terms, SHE OAK shall, immediately, revoke consent granted to the Linking Site, who shall delete the said link.


  1. B) Links to other websites

It is possible to include links to the Website that allow the user to access other websites (“Linked Sites”).

In any event, the existence of Linked Sites will not imply recommendation, promotion, identification and/or approval of SHE OAK with regard to the statements, content and/or services provided through the Linked Sites.

As a consequence thereof, SHE OAK shall not be held liable for the content and/or conditions of Linked Sites, being the user the only responsible to verify and accept every time that he/she access and uses them.



SHE OAK reserves the right to insert advertising or promotional messages in any page of the Website and in any communication to its users, in the form that SHE OAK considers adecuate and necessary.



All copyright over designs, databases and software (including source codes), as well as all the elements contained in the Website (texts, graphics, photographies, videos, audible recordings, colours combinations, and so on) [“Content”], and its structure, selection and organization, are owned by SHE OAK. Website’s distinctive signs (trademarks and trade names) are owned by SHE OAK.

Use of the Website by the user does not imply the assignment of any intellectual right over the Website and the Content.

By these Terms and Conditions, the reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, public disposal, removal and/or any other unauthorised way of disseminating the Website, its Content and/or distinctive signs of SHE OAK is expressly forbidden.

Unauthorized use of the content of this Website and any damage caused to SHE OAK’s intellectual property rights may result in SHE OAK taking whatever action to which it may be entitled by law, and in any liabilities that may arise thereof.



In accordance with the law on protection of personal data currently in force, SHE OAK hereby informs that all the personal data provided by the user or accessed by SHE OAK within users’ browsing, queries and/or applications through the Website will be included on a file owned by SHE OAK HOLISTIC FERTILITY, for the purpose of managing, keeping and controlling your information requirements and/or hiring services offered through the Website, and to send commercial communications (also by electronic means). Users’ acceptance of information being sent to him/her can be revoked at any time, with no retroactive effects, by sending us e-mail at

Personal data provided by the users will not be, as a general rule, disclosed or assigned to third parties. In this connection, regarding the above-mentioned assignment of personal data, you assume that you have been duly informed of the terms foreseen in Article 27 of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, with regard to the first assignment of your personal data. In the event your personal data are disclosed or assigned to third parties, SHE OAK will obtain your prior consent in accordance with the requirements set forth in the law in force, and it could be revoked at any time.

In all contact forms of the Website it will be necessary to fill in all the fields marked as “compulsory”. Should user fail to complete or partially complete the personal data requested, SHE OAK may not be able to attend the request and, accordingly, SHE OAK will not be liable.

The user should notify SHE OAK any changes to his/her personal data to ensure that the information in SHE OAK’s files is always up-to-date and does not contain mistakes. The user will be liable, in any event, of the truthfulness of the data provided, and SHE OAK will be entitled to exclude from the services requested any user that has provided false data, notwithstanding any other action that may legally proceed.

SHE OAK informs that it has the necessary technical and organizational security safeguards in place to guarantee the security of user’s personal data and to prevent any alteration, loss, processing and/or unauthorized access of them, taking into account the state of the technology, the type of data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether they arise from human actions or from the physical or natural environment, all of the above in conformity with the provisions of law in force.

The user may exercise his/her rights to access, rectify, terminate and oppose the processing of data in the registered address of SHE OAK, under the terms set forth in law in force. For user’s convenience, however, and notwithstanding that certain formal requirements foreseen by law in force must be met, SHE OAK offers the opportunity to exercise the above rights by sending an email to the address



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  • What are cookies ?

Cookies are small files that some websites can install on your devices or terminals. They are automatic procedures that gather information about an internet user as they visit a particular website, in order to, among other things, recognise them as a recurrent user and then personalise their use, offer faster browsing, compile statistical information or store preferences or internet browsing habits.

Cookies are useful because they allow websites to work more quickly and flexibly and be more adaptable to your preferences, while helping website managers to improve the services they offer, thanks to the information that cookies gather.


  • Type of cookies

Browsing this website means that you accept the installation of the following types of cookies:

Analysis cookies

These are cookies that, when processed by SHE OAK or by third parties, allow us to count the number of website visitors and statistically analyse the way that users use our services. They allow us to study how our website is browsed and to optimise it to meet our clients’ real needs.

Personalisation cookies

These are cookies that, when processed by SHE OAK or by third parties, save your preferences for certain tools or services so that you do not have to reconfigure them each time you visit the website. They are also used by programs that try to geographically pinpoint the location of the computer, smartphone, tablet or internet-connected TV.

Advertising cookies

These are cookies that, when processed by SHE OAK or by third parties, allow the advertising spaces on the website to be efficiently managed, adapting the advert’s content to the content of the service requested or to the way you use the website. They help us to find out about your internet browsing habits and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

Third-party cookies

On some of our pages third-party cookies may be installed that allow the services that they offer to be better managed and improved. An example of this usage is the links to social networking sites that allow our content to be shared.


Configuring your cookie preferences :

If you would like to change the configuration of cookies on your browser, you can do so by reconfiguring the browser options. If you choose to disable all cookies, you may find that the use of some features may be restricted.

You can find information on how to change the cookie policies of various browsers as follows:

. If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to the View option, select Internet Options and then access Advanced Options.

. If you use Netscape, go to the Edit option on the menu, select Preferences and access Advanced.

. If you use Firefox, for Mac go to Preferences on the options menu, select Privacy and then Show Cookies, and for Windows go to Tools on the menu, select Options, then go to Privacy and finally Show Cookies.

. If you use Safari, go to the Safari options menu, select Privacy, go to the Security section and then Show Cookies.

. If you use Google Chrome, go to the Tools option on the menu, select Options (Preferences in Mac), go to Advanced and then Content Configuration in the Privacy section, and finally click on Cookies in the Content Configuration box.



In case of translation of the previous terms and conditions in one or several languages, the language of interpretation in case of contradiction or disagreement or dispute will be Spanish.



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Any dispute arisen between SHE OAK and the users of the Website shall be settled by the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona (Spain) and the parties expressly waive any other jurisdictions to which they may be entitled.