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Having a child is among the most beautiful things in this life – so easy and fulfilling for some, so unfairly difficult and frustrating for others.

Nowadays fertility problems are much more common than we think, affecting more than 1 out if 6 couples in age of being parents (15%).

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This situation can generate feelings that are often difficult to deal with: from denial to sadness, from injustice to anger or even jealousy.

We see babies and pregnant women everywhere: the entire universe seems to be telling us that we’re the only one unable to conceive. Comments like “We were so lucky, it worked almost immediately!” drive us crazy and provoke mixed feelings of sincere happiness for the other, but also frustration and jealousy, as well as a feeling of guilt for not being able to be glad for our friend.

If this is your case, DON’T FEEL GUILTY, these emotions are natural and totally human.

Nowadays, infertility keeps being a taboo, and a lot of people affected live the whole process in silence, or even in solitude – isolation that makes the situation even harder.

Today we want to convey a positive message, a message of HOPE:



Yes, we know, the situation is hard and frustrating, but look at the bright side :

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1- Medicine today make miracles happen :

Every year 25.000 babies are born thanks to assisted reproduction* (more than 5% of the total birthes), and the number of babies born thanks to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) since 1978 is estimated to 6 million.

Since the birth of Louise Brown (first test tube baby), reproductive medicine has made giant steps, with the development of new techniques such as ICSI in 1992 (Intracystoplasmic sperm injection, which consists in injecting a single sperm directly into an egg in order to assist fertilization), or the Cryopreservation for a future use (of sperm, eggs or embryos).

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2- From both a physiological and psychological point of view, there are many things that can help you cope with the situation and recover balance and well-being.

She Oak‘s action is related to this second point. The association was born from the desire to help and the conviction that, by providing an emotional and physical support, we can not only help and improve the way future parents live their journey to parenthood, but also improve the chances of success.

This conviction and confidence come from our professional and personal experience : professional experience at the patients’ service in fertility clinics, and personal experience as mothers who went through assisted reproduction in order to make their dream come true.

You will find hereafter some basic advice, to take your first step towards serenity:

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Open up to people close to you, there is absolutely no shame in having difficulties to have a baby.

If you don’t have the possibility to do so, at She Oak we are here to listen to you. We can put you in touch with the professionals in emotional and psychological support most adapted to your situation, or with people in the same situation as you, who will understand you better than anyone else.

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Fertility treatments can cause physical and emotional disorders, and it is important that you reconnect with your own body, in order to be prepared to welcome a new life inside you and to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Take care of your body and spoil yourself: massages, healthy diet, sport, hobbies – you know better than anyone what relaxes you most.

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Natural therapies are the best ally for assisted reproduction: they help recover a physical balance and an emotional serenity, and they can also optimize the fertility treatments in order to improve the results.

A 2011 study shows that Traditional Chinese Medicine improves by more than 60% the number of pregnancies due to fertility treatments **.

Natural therapies can also stimulate fertility without any medical treatment, for those who prefer to start with a more natural method.

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We have many other suggestions… but the most important thing is:


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* Source: Spanish Society of Fertility

**Study from the Tel Aviv University in 2011 on assisted reproduction (AR), with or without the complementary support of Chinese Medicine (CM).

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