Our philosophy

If you are having difficulty fulfilling your dream of becoming a parent..

If you are undergoing assisted reproduction treatment in Barcelona…

We can help!


Here’s why:

We’ve been in contact for several years with people with fertility problems. We know how hard it can get, physically as well as psychologically – whatever the reason for the problems.

Going beyond medical progress, trying to have a child is – more than anything – a human and emotional process.

We know you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, anger, a feeling of injustice or even jealousy – but by sharing these feelings and learning to deal with them, you come to realise they are totally normal, human reactions.

We believe that a positive mind and body not only help deal with the situation – but can also help improve the results.

For all these reasons we created She Oak,

a non-profit organisation whose objective is to provide you with


to help you along your path to parenting with greater SERENITY and POSITIVITY.

You don’t need to go through it alone – we’re here to help.

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