Our team

Interdisciplinary THERAPISTS, specialised in infertility and who follow a holistic approach, taking into account the different factors that influence a person’s life.

PROFESSIONALS with several years of experience in fertility clinics, supporting patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment.

MOTHERS who overcame fertility problems to achieve their dream of having a baby.

Together we form an multidisciplinary team specialised in infertility, and in providing both physical and psychological support before, during and after fertility treatment.

international team


Our headquarters are in Barcelona, but our team is international and multilingual. We speak Spanish, Italian, French and English, and can talk to you by phone / Skype, e-mail or in person.

Part of our team is in charge of patient relations (answering doubts and questions, organizing your stay in Barcelona, putting you in touch with other patients in a similar situation), part is composed of therapists from various disciplines.

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